Boy Mama: Roll a Pumpkin Face

I loved our Roll a Lego… Game so much that I created a Halloween version. Here is Roll a Pumpkin Face.


Pumpkin Templates

Die Template 

Pumpkin Face Parts Template

You will also need a computer, printer and scissors.

Preparing the Game

  • Print and cut out the pumpkins and the face parts
  • Print, cut out and assemble the die or use a regular dot die
  • Print the Roll a Pumpkin Face Direction Chart (if using a regular die)


How to Play

If you are using a regular die…

To begin, each player picks a paper pumpkin they would like to use for the game.

P1 (player 1) rolls the die. The  number that the die lands on, determines what part of the pumpkin’s face the player adds to his pumpkin.  For example, if the die lands on a 1, the player adds one eye. If it lands on a 6, the player adds the stem of his choice to his pumpkin.  Then P2 (player 2) takes a turn and follows the same directions.  The game ends when one player completes his pumpkin face.

Note: Players may choose to swap during their turn. For example, if the player already has 2 eyes on his pumpkin and he rolls a 2, he may swap one kind of eye for another.

If you are using a die template…

Follow the same directions as above, but you do not need the Roll a Pumpkin Face Direction Chart. The words on the die tell you what to add to the pumpkin.

Looking for more seasonal fun?

3 thoughts on “Boy Mama: Roll a Pumpkin Face

  1. I would love to have the templates to print this game! I made something similar with the Lorax this summer and my boys LOVED it! this one is so much better, they will be thrilled!!

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