Teacher Mama: Apple Tree Math Game

I was chatting with a friend/reader this evening and she mentioned that her daughter was struggling a bit with the concept of subtraction. She said she wished that I had an apple tree math game that she could use with her daughter. Well, her wish was my command and I sat down and created the Apple Tree Math Game (great title, huh?). The game is very simple.  Print out the templates, cut out the apples and practice!  Here are a few examples…

Some Suggestions for Addition and Subtraction Practice

Story Problems:

  • There were two apples in the apple tree (place 2 apples in the tree) and 2 more apples grew (add 2 apples to the tree). How many apples are now in the tree?   2+2=4
  • Four apples fell to the ground (put 4 apples on the ground) then 5 more fell to the ground (add 5 apples). How many apples are now on the ground?  4+5=9
  • There were 6 apples in the tree (place 6 apples in the tree) and I picked 3. How many apples are now in the tree? 6-3=3
  • There were 8 apples in my pile (make a pile of 8 apples) and an animal came along and took 2 away (remove 2 apples). How many apples are now in my pile?  8-2=6

Apple Math Sentences:

Apple Fingerplay:

Place 5 apples in the tree. Say the rhyme and remove 1 apple when you “shake the tree.” Count how many apples are left.  Make a math sentence from it– 5 apples minus 1 apple equals 4 apples. Repeat until there are no more apples.

Way up high in the apple tree,

Five red apples smiled at me.

I shook that tree as hard as I could,

Down came one apple…

Mmmm, it was good! 

(continue 4 red apples, 3 red apples etc)

Templates available! Email a request to stephanie@boymamateachermama.com

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