Boy Mama: Making Indian Corn

I was reading a book to my boys and we came across an illustration of some Indian Corn.  My heart skipped a beat because one of the things I miss most about home is fall and all the sights, sounds and smells that go along with it.  I have always loved Indian Corn.  Seeing it in the grocery store or decorating peoples’ front doors was always a sure sign that fall had arrived.  I wanted some Indian Corn in our house- I needed some Indian Corn in our house.  So crafty mama stepped up and we created our very own Indian Corn.

Here is how.

Indian Corn

Making Indian Corn


  • a sponge
  • chopsticks or skewer with sharp end cut off
  • hot glue
  • paper
  • paints
  • scissors

Mama’s Directions:

 Take a dry sponge and cut several small, kernel size pieces as shown in the picture below. Meanwhile warm up your glue gun.

Once your glue gun is hot, attached the sponge kernels to the end of the chopsticks.  This will allow your child to dip the sponges in the paint more easily and without a lot of mess.

Prepare your color palette. We used acrylic paints for this craft.

My son filled the paint tray — can you tell? 🙂

Cut several corn cob shaped pieces from paper. I used shiny, white card stock.

Give your child a corn cob paper, have him dip the sponge in the paint and dab it onto the paper to look like the kernels on Indian Corn.

Once the cobs are done, take a blank sheet of paper and, using a larger piece of sponge, cover the paper in browns and golds to create the husks. Allow paint to dry then cut out husks as shown in the picture below.

First cut a shape like the one in the first frame. Then cut slits from the top to where the paper narrows and trim the tops so they are not all the same length.  Then crumple the paper a bit to make it look like a “real” husk.

Attach the husks to the back of the cobs with glue or tape and viola! You have your very own Indian Corn to decorate your home this fall.

Want to know more about Indian Corn or is it new to you? Click here to learn more about it!

What is your favorite fall decoration?

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All Rights Reserved

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